Looking for 家庭护理 Assistance? 你来对地方了! Search for your local office

Looking for 家庭护理 Assistance? 你来对地方了! Search for your local office

We’re TheKey, formerly Seniorcorp, the most trusted senior care experts in Southside Hampton Roads.

We have the best caregivers ready to help—so you can live well in the home you love.



20多年来, TheKey has delivered quality in-home care, supporting older adults with a wide range of needs and age-related conditions. We’ve provided millions of hours of care to families just like yours. 今天, we’re the country’s leading provider of premium in-home care, offering an even broader range of care services.

We’re passionate about helping older adults live in their own home as they age, improving the quality of life for our clients—and those who love them.
Behind every caregiver is a full-time 护理团队, providing oversight and guidance to caregivers—and support to you and your family.
  • 客户关怀经理
  • 人力资源经理(s)
  • Expertly trained caregiver(s)

Seniorcorp is now part of TheKey
We’re excited to welcome the Seniorcorp team to TheKey care family as we work together to make our shared vision of changing how the world lives and ages at home a reality in the 弗吉尼亚海滩 area.
Exceptional Care at 皇冠足球即时比分 for Older Adults
First, we get to know you and your care needs, then we design a flexible Care Plan just for you.
You’ll get the in-home care solution you need—and always be informed and in control.
From a few hours a day of help to 24/7 support, we will design a Care Plan to meet your specific needs. 我们的 high-quality in-home care includes:
  • 陪伴
  • 在家帮忙
  • 暂息护理的
  • 24/7的护理
  • 同居的护理
我们的护理人员 are expertly trained to support people living with any type of cognitive decline from mild memory problems to advanced dementia.
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
  • 阿尔茨海默病
  • 血管性痴呆
  • 路易体痴呆
  • 额颞叶痴呆
  • 帕金森病 痴呆

* Personal care and non-medical support for people living with cognitive impairment
We support people living with specific medical conditions and unique needs, providing the best care so our clients can live safely at home.
  • 帕金森病
  • 心脏健康
  • 中风后
  • 癌症
  • 临终关怀
  • 从医院到家
We help with daily activities and much more.
  • 陪伴
  • 个人护理及卫生
  • 药物的提醒
  • 保持活跃
  • 超市购物
  • 光管家
  • 膳食准备和营养
  • Social Activities and Connection
  • 交通和杂务
  • 爱好和激情
  • 认知参与
  • 有意义的活动


质量. 我们的人民. And we really know our business.

Every care visit is backed by years of experience delivering over a million hours of exceptional service to families who expect the best personalized care for their loved ones.
Behind every professional caregiver is a full-time 护理团队 of experts, providing ongoing guidance to our caregivers—and support to you and your family.
我们的护理人员 是有经验的员工. They are managed by our team, 彻底审查, 背景检查, and trained to provide personalized care tailored to your needs.
我们的 平衡护理方法™emphasizes a healthy mind, body, and spirit. This holistic approach focuses on nutrition and wellness so our clients can live happier, 更健康的生活.
We are the experts in our community.
Elder care and home care require collaboration and partnership. At TheKey, our reputation and experience allow us to partner with the best. 我们的 partners in the 弗吉尼亚海滩 area include:
  • 大西洋海岸
  • 港的边缘
  • 托尔伯特的
  • 玛丽安庄园
  • 威斯敏斯特Cantebury
  • Sentara
  • 切萨皮克 Regional Healthcare
  • 联邦老年生活
  • 毕生的事业康复
  • 军刀医疗
We provide care throughout Southside Hampton Roads. If you don’t see the specific community where you need care, you can still reach out to us. We may well be able to find support for you in your area.
    • 弗吉尼亚海滩
    • 诺福克
    • 切萨皮克
    • 朴茨茅斯
    • 萨福克郡
Help us understand your care needs. Then we’ll set up a free phone consultation so you
can get the right support and services to live and age successfully at home.
Whether you’re looking for information about dementia, 应对技术, or simply need a good laugh about caring for an aging loved one, 这些书会送货上门.
Older adults often worry about losing their independence. Many of us are proud of the lives we’ve lived and don’t want to feel limited as we age. If you’re helping an aging loved one, remember that the wish for control over your own life is not one of the things that diminish over the years. So, how can you help your loved one continue to do the things they love?
The FAST scale assesses the “functional” or daily observable changes and symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias — and it can provide a useful map, as well as much greater understanding of the process of decline. But did you know that family members and loved ones can use this tool as well?